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This is my final character animation. This is the mental ray rendered version of my animation and I think it does it a lot of justice. I had designed and animated this around the smooth look of the mental ray render and again I think this is a lot more effective. I’m sorry about the delay of this but I’m really glad it is finally up on my blog.

This is my final animation for the character animation project. I’m really pleased with the final result, I still think there are one or two bits that could be tweaked but I think I’ll revisit this over the summer. I also started doing a mental ray render but this was taking extremely long to render so I went with a maya software render instead. I will finish off my mental ray render and have this posted on here soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy my animation.

My thoughts on the Project

I overall have enjoyed this project the most out of all the others. I feel my skills in animating in maya have really increased and I feel my skills in storyboarding and writing have also improved.

I feel I should have had the body animation done sooner but I decided to start again two times quite late on in the project so it’s been a bit of a rush for me. The “throw” in my animation also took a while to do as whenever I got up to this point in each animation I didn’t know where to go from there so I feel there should’ve been more preparation for that part such as more in-depth storyboarding or possible video reference.

Coming back to the positives, I feel my skills in character animation have drastically increased, I feel the walk cycle project before this really helped prepare me for this project in terms of using the graph editor and key poses. I also feel I have gained a greater appreciation and understanding of cinematic language and how to interpret audio to the way I see it. To keep up these new found skills I will undertake another character animation project over the summer using one of the other choices of audio I was considering ad really try to push myself over my limits in maya. I’m also thinking of attempting to try out one of the 11 second club contests to test myself with animating a short piece of audio.

Overall, I feel my time keeping should’ve been better but yet I say this with every project I do but I also feel now I’m really leaning towards becoming a character animator/storyboard artist as I feel these are my stronger skills but I will be trying to gain skills in modelling and rigging over the summer and look in to more possible areas of animation.

This was another problem with my animation and that is the walk towards the camera after the throw. I wanted to go for a slouchy, dragging his feet walk but as only the upper body is seen that was all I had to animate but it was getting the space and harshness of the drops from each step right. This was the best I could do with it with the length of the pause I had in the audio but I think this kind of works.

This is still the throw but tweaked a little and with the gun action included afterwards. There isn’t any audio this time because tumblr doesn’t like playblasts and my adobe stuff keeps crashing so I can’t re-render, but anyways here is the throw.

This is a playblast of the throw for the first time. It was very floaty here but this has been sorted and I feel it now has a lot of energy in it.

This is a continuation of the drag, this is the point where I realised that it needs to look a lot more realistic so here is the start of the development of this.

This is a playblast of the first time I started to develop the dragging of goon into the scene. This is… well… very bad as the whole thing has no weight and overlap and when they fall to the floor the whole animation goes dead. But luckily where I’m at with this at the moment it doesn’t have any of these flaws.

This was the first part of my animation that was following the second storyboard. I scrapped this whole part and started again as I just found the whole thing to be very “stale”. Even though the graph editor was set to stepped the whole thing was so rigid and there was hardly any movement or good poses done so I found the easiest thing to do would be to start again and I’m really pleased I did as the next few playblasts will show the development up until the point I’m at now which in comparison to this makes this look like an abomination… not to say all my work is like that.

This is the finished lip sync of the Moon Character. Really I shouldn’t say it’s finished yet because as Dan pointed out where he says “..with a big smile on my face…” the mouth really snaps there as the smile is very big so I’m going to have to either make the smile smaller or the smaller mouth frames bigger.

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